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BROOKS SolidSense II Pressure Sensor GF


BROOKS SolidSense II Pressure Sensor GF

Maximizing process accuracy through accurate and stable ultra-high purity control
When measuring the pressure of ultra-high purity and special gases used in many industries, pressure sensors must maintain stability and accuracy. To this end, Brooks Instruments SolidSense II pressure sensors combine solderless corrosion-resistant materials with designs that have excellent zero point stability and accuracy (less than 0.25% of full range).

We have avoided issues such as zero point, range drift, thermal drift, and case pressures that require maintenance and shutdown of competitive sensors. On the contrary, SolidSense II instruments have a powerful design that is easy to maintain, reducing total acquisition costs.
Material: High temperature annealed VIM-VAR 316L stainless steel body, integrated machined sensor
No welds or joints of different materials
Pressure range: 30 to 3000 psi (full range)
The model is suitable for integrated displays or fully functional programmable displays
Digital thermal compensation adopts multi-point temperature compensation method
The proprietary microfabricated silicon strain gauge can achieve extremely low zero drift
The fully blown flow path can completely remove residual gases
Output: 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc, 0.05-5.05 Vdc
Smooth surface treatment process and corrosion-resistant materials ensure that the measurement environment is free of pollutants – very suitable for various semiconductor and industrial applications
Hydrogen embrittlement resistance and longer service life
Long term reproducible sensors can provide reliable performance at various temperatures
Excellent stability ensures equipment accuracy
No need for initial zero adjustment, shortened calibration time
Two sets of accurately matched strain gauges can ensure sensing performance
The sensor connector is made of glass fusion joint, which can eliminate stress and extend its service life
Digital temperature compensation can improve thermal stability within the overall temperature range
Semiconductor manufacturing
Ultra high purity liquid storage and transportation system
Thin film processing
Research on the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Laboratory and analytical projects
Food and Beverages